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How To Dominate Your Market With SEO In 2019

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Your SEO Battle Plan

Almost everyone is wrong when they give SEO advice.

The most common advice I hear is "just go for low competition keywords"...

I say go for domination.

...And that's what Google wants too!

Think about this - 

Have you ever seen a site that ranks for almost everything in their niche?

That's because Google LOVES authority sites.

I'm not saying that small sites can't rank (there are tons of anomalies out there)... 

But the bigger your site is, the better your chances are. If you want to play the SEO game in 2019, you should play to win.

(That's not just an SEO strategy... It can be applied to a lot more!)

Now, you shouldn't just go out there and try to rank for the hardest keyword in your niche either.

Instead, you should go at it strategically.

Think about it like this:

If you divide up all the keywords in the world that you would want to rank for in your market, you could divide them up into 2 categories:

1. Keywords you rank for now
2. Keywords you don't

You want to tackle these both, progressively over time, in a strategic way:

1. Keywords you rank for
You can find these using a tool like the HOTH. Look for keywords that are in positions 3-30 and boost them up by optimizing and doing link building to those pages.

2. Keywords you don't rank for... yet
Get a big list of all your competitors and find all the keywords that they rank for that you don't. (This is called a Competitive Gap Analysis). Then, start strategically building content based around these keywords every month.

By going at all these keywords strategically, month over month, you'll be showing Google that you are the authority in your niche because you are capturing EVERY topic!

When Google sees this, it will unlock the floodgates of traffic to you.

This is how you think big and make a battle plan for 2019.


-SEO crew-



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